Meet your TanGO Camp Staff for this year!

Geraldine Goyer (Gigi)

Geraldine is a Tango teacher, performer,Organizer and DJ in Vancouver B.C.  Tango literally shook me up and grabbed me by the hand 18 years ago. I love the many forms of expression in Tango and mostly I love to see how this brings people together . As founder of Tango Camp I want to bring Tango and Nature together as a place for people to unwind from the city and enjoy in a totally different environment and grow or just have a good time !



Gabriel Monty

“Dance has been the love of my life for more than 25 years. My professional dancing experience started in 1978 when I joined Doina Bucurestiului the most prominent dance company back then. With Doina Bucurestiului I traveled and performed across Europe. I fell in love with tango on my first trip to Buenos Aires in 2002. And I was fascinated by the music and the dance of el tango. Since then, I have often traveled back to Buenos Aires competing in the World Championship of Tango (El Campeonato Mundial de Baile de Tango) and performing in famed milongas.

I have always been asked what styles of tango I prefer: traditional or nuevo, close or open embrace? I don’t have a preferred style, and I like to dance the way I hear the music and in the music. I see each dance unique for the song at the time and this is the beauty of Argentine tango.”


 Palma Kulic is a Raja Yoga Meditation practitioner, teacher and business consultant. She holds BA in Liberal Arts. She is interested in creating a life of purpose and meaning by exploring the power of pure heartedness and deep spiritual potential that is latent within every human being. She has been hosting and facilitating meditation and personal development workshops for the past 24 years. She loves meditation, poetry, the art of dancing and the art of natural healing. That is what she wishes to share.  





Denise Kaintz ( Our Yogi)

Denise began her yoga journey in 2001; attending her first class in the Bikram style. With a background in Health and Fitness studies from Simon Fraser University; she immediately was drawn to the focus, discipline, and the ‘in the moment’ sense of awareness while practising this new

ly found form of movement. She became a certified Bikram teacher in 2003 and went on to discover so much more – studying with world renowned teachers in the Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin disciplines. Now with a 200 hour Hatha teacher certification; she is working towards her 500 hour training – having completed Kundalini and Restorative modules as well. She is also a certified Pilates mat teacher and ACE Personal Trainer.

Denise is passionate about being 100% present with her students – the Yogis and Yoginis in practise. The wonderful energy that is shared with the breath is truly magical. Teaching is always the highlight of her day and she is truly grateful to be able to share and guide in this way.

Being and breathing the energy in your body through a yoga practise goes hand in hand with the present awareness that is in the dance of life; and cultivated in the most humbling and magical dance of Tango.



I was born and raised in Ireland and have always had an interest in natural therapies and natural forms of healing.

My passion is to provide each person with an enhanced feeling of well-being and relief from anxieties. In 1999, I received a certificate in European Lymphatic Massage and became an Aromatherapist through the BC Institute of Holistic Studies. I completed further courses at the BC Institute of Holistic Studies in Advanced Aromatheraphy, Reiki, Energy Concepts, Dry Spa Techniques, Hot Rock Massage,  and Lymphatic Breast Massage.

I also certified as a Reflexologist with Touchpoint Institute of Reflexology, Emotional Freedom Techniques through Dr. Alexander R. Lees and Associates Inc. and certified as an Infant Massage Instructor with the International Association for Infant Massage.

I received a certificate in Community Skills Counselling from Vancouver Community College in 2015 and thoroughly enjoy volunteering with a local charity.